Aqua Coolkeeper Collare Refrigerante Scottish Grey
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Coolant band for children with special "Hydroquatz" crystals inside that absorb water and release it slowly (up to 5 days!).

Available colors: Red Western, Pacific Blue

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Aqua Coolkeeper


Bandana Kids


Cooling Hydroquartz Aqua CoolKeeper



By immersing Aqua Coolkeeper ™ in water, the special HydroQuartz ™ products inside the product create an active coolant gel by activating it.

This HydroQuartz ™ coolant gel absorbs body heat by evaporating it through the evaporation process. This allows for immediate and continuous cooling.

Aqua Coolkeeper ™ keeps cool for up to five days!

Protect yourself (a) from overheating: Aqua CoolKeeper ™ with HydroQuartz ™ keeps you cool all day!


* For patients with multiple sclerosis, refrigerant therapy could be considered a potential integration with other symptomatic treatments that could interfere with the evolution of the disease.


keep her body cool and healthy!

refreshes her bod


■ When it is hot

■ during physical activity or at work

■ outdoors

■ traveling

■ heat stress

■ any increase in body temperature

■ the airway obstructed by heat stress


Just dip the bandana in cold water to refresh the baby within a few minutes.



The Aqua Coolkeeper Bandana can be reused every time. To put it again just wash it quickly by hand in cold or hot water using a gentle detergent.


Protect your baby from heat, Aqua CoolKeeper serves to keep your kids cool all day!

Immerse Aqua CoolKeeper for just 5 to 10 minutes in cold water - Aqua CoolKeeper helps to prevent heat shots.


How to properly use the refreshing bandana:

First, make sure you have a good amount of water available in which you can dip the bandana.

Remove Aqua CoolKeeper from its package and put it in cold water (5-10 minutes), then squeeze it slightly.

Coolant crystals in the bandana will completely absorb cold water and their cooling quality will last for a minimum of two days. The bandana will swell slowly and consequently it will become soft and comfortable.

You can often use the bandana Aqua CoolKeeper without using ice or other coolant products.

It is normal for the bandana to remain damp after the soak. You can gently tighten the bandana (be careful not to wring it too loudly!); only after a couple of hours most of the humidity will be gone.

Your child does not have to wait for the bandana to wear - he can do it immediately.

To get a better result you can bathe the bandana in the evening before using it and then hang it in the open air. This way the next morning will be completely dry and filled with cold crystals.

The bandana can also be cooled in the fridge (not in the freezer, only in the cooling compartment) when you think of a long journey along the car or on a hot and hot afternoon.


Never use a very cool Aqua CoolKeeper directly on the baby!



Red Western

Pacific Blue

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