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The innovative approach to preventing and treating gastrointestinal athletic ailments
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Enter - Prize


Changing the intestinal environment is one of the causes
most important to the appearance of digestive problems in the horse, and also predisposes to the onset of colic and enterotossiemie
Especially in the sport horse, where feeding conditions are far from physiological, modulation of intestinal fermentations is of fundamental importance
Enter-prize ensures that the optimal conditions are maintained
digestive while maintaining the balance of the intestinal microflora
and ensuring better intestinal fermentation.

Enter-prize is a product for sporting horses that combines high concentration of microorganisms, probiotic action, fruit-oligosaccharides (FOS), nutritional nutrition present in many plants, the fermentation of which leads to production in the intestines of beneficial acids volatile fats. Specific plant extracts (Glycyrrhiza glabra and Vitis vinifera, Enovita®) contribute to the optimal digestion of ration by protecting the intestine
as a whole.
Enter-prize, contributes to the balance of the intestinal microflora and the development of normal digestive functions.

Fructoligosaccharides 50% 4.1.14, Maltodextrin 13.3.6, Yeasts and similar products 12.1.5, Products obtained by the biomass of micro-organisms grown on certain substrates 12.1 Additives per kg: Botany-deficient natural products: Glycyrrhiza glabra L. mg 9.330 - Vitis vinifera L. mg 30,000 Promoters
of the digestion: Saccharomices Cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 4a1711 mg 25,000

Analytical components:
Raw protein 4.0% - Crude cellulose 0.15% - Oils and rough fats 0.82% - Raw ash 1.1% - Humidity 3.2% - Calcium 0.01% - Sodium 0.07% - Phosphorus 0 , 12%

How to use:

Adult horses: 1 x 20 g 2 times a day.
Foals over 2 months of age: 1 meter of 20 g per day.

Divide the total daily dose into two meals, administering it immediately before the concentrate is intake and for 10-20 consecutive days.
In the event of a change of stables, administer 4 days before the transfer to 8 days later; for participation in competitions and equestrian events, 2 days before the race a
2 days later.
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