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Mai Più Pesguard insetticida pulci, zecche, cimici e forficole
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Insecticide for fleas, ticks, bugs and forks 500ml
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Mai Più

Insecticide Freedom


Against Flea, Stick, Stick, and Forfice


Insecticide in aqueous formulation based on:

      D-Alletrine e


New insecticide in odorless aqueous formulation ready for use and equipped with spray mist spray. The innovative Pyrethroid Synthesis solution is characterized by a strong ability to flatten specifically for use in animal living environments. Particularly effective for the fight against ticks, fleas, bugs, forks, flies and mosquitoes.


Method of use:
The product is ready for use and distributed by mechanical nebulizer, taking care to direct the jet upward, away from people. For normal sized environments, a delivery of 10 to 15 seconds is sufficient. After application, keep the environments closed for 15 to 30 minutes and then aerate properly.


500ml bottle