Mai Più Pesguard insetticida pulci, zecche, cimici e forficole
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Insecticide against Ants and Cockroaches.
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Mai Più

Insecticide Neodust


Against Ants and Cockroaches


Powder insecticide ready for use with residual action


Domestic and civil use


Based on Permethrin and Piperonylbutoxide



Neodust is a lightweight insecticide to fight cockroaches, bugs, fleas, ants, ticks, crawling and flying bugs.

Contains what active ingredient Permetrin, synthetic pyrethroid synergistic, which gives it longevity and rapid abatement. It can be used efficiently for the disinfestation of civil, industrial, agricultural, housing, schools, warehouses, hotels, warehouses, and cable and electrical and outdoor buildings.


Method of use:
For environmental disinfestations, spread Neodust with the appropriate sprayers in the places where the parasites live and reproduce and at the entrance of buildings to create an antiseptic barrier. Neodud is also optimally suited for treatments of external surfaces, against mosquitoes.


1Kg can