Mai Più Pesguard insetticida pulci, zecche, cimici e forficole
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Removes moles and nutrients from meadows and gardens. NOT harmful to people, children, the environment and other animals.
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Mai Più

STOP Moles

in gel cubes


Olfactory barrier based on natural essences


Cubic Gel / Ready to Use.


Never more STOp mole in gel cubes away from moles and nutrients from parts, gardens and gardens. It is rejuvenating to moisture and thanks to its special formula consisting of active natural aromatic essences it is able to create a real olfactory barrier against these animals. It does not replace the classic commercial remedies designed to eliminate the animals in question but is the ideal solution when you can not or want to use poisonous substances. Its purpose is only to keep the moles and nutrients away from the treated area (meadows and gardens) without being harmful to people, children, the environment and other animals.


How to use:
Where to use: meadows, gardens and gardens.

Use and dosage: Sprinkle with 4/5 cubes of gel the inside of the galleries and their inputs. After application, or for a preventive purpose, create a protective cord around the affected area to block the entrance of the animals by spreading 5/6 cubes of gel per square meter.

When used: from February to November

Duration: about 2-3 seasons. Even if there is moisture, rains or abnormal irrigation, they reduce the effectiveness of the treatment; If necessary repeat it.


800ml jar