Mai Più Pesguard insetticida pulci, zecche, cimici e forficole
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Removes insects from meadows and gardens without being harmful to people, children, the environment, and other animals.

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Mai Più

STOP Mosquito



It leaves insects from meadows and gardens


Liquid / Ready to use


Never STOP mosquito granular mosquito mosquitoes and other insects harassed by meadows, gardens, porches, greenhouses, campsites, etc. Thanks to its special mixture of natural essential oils with a repulsive action against the mosquitoes of each species, it is able to create a real olfactory barrier against these fearsome insects. Its purpose is to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from the treated area (meadows, gardens, etc.) without being harmful to people, children, the environment and other animals.


How to use:

Where to use: in all places where there is the mosquito infestation or where you want to prevent it (meadows, gardens, campsites, flowerbeds, etc.).

Use and dosage: Shake before use. The product is ready for use and sprayed evenly on floors and walls.

When used: whenever infestation occurs or if you want to prevent the phenomenon.

Duration: about one week. So treat the area weekly until the disappearance of the infestation. Plentiful rainfall and irrigation reduce the efficiency of the treatment; In case you repeat it.


Size: Ready to use 1L bottle