Mai Più Pesguard insetticida pulci, zecche, cimici e forficole
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Specially designed for Dogs and Cats
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Mai Più

Disabling for dogs and cats
in gel cubes



Specially designed for Dogs and Cats


Olfactory barrier


Cubic Gel / Ready to Use


Never More Disabling Dogs and Cats in Gel Cubes has been designed to stop or modify your dog's bad habits in places outside the home, gardens, flower beds, etc. Thanks to its innovative formula in gel cubes it creates a true And its own persistent olfactory barrier. Gel cubes are moisture proof, compared to other supports that provide greater efficacy over time.


Method of use

Where to use: in all places where dogs and cats are not welcome or where they are to be prevented (gardens, campsites, flowerbeds, etc.).

Clean the garden or areas to be protected from any animal excrement and wash with water to remove any urine from the animals to ensure greater effectiveness of the product.


Use and dosage: Never shed more uninhabitable Dogs and Cats in gel cubes on the ground, trying to create a protective cord around the affected area to block the entry of animals, at a dose of 8/10 cubes per square meter. Avoid direct contact with ornamental plants and leaves. The dose of 800 ml of product serves about 80/100 mq.


Duration: Only one application can be enough for new sites, while for areas already frequented by dogs and cats or frequented by a good number of animals, run multiple applications (up to 3) spaced between 5/6 days.


800ml jar