Mai Più Pesguard insetticida pulci, zecche, cimici e forficole
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Specially designed for Dogs and Cats
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Mai Più

Disputing for dogs and cats


Specially designed for Dogs and Cats


Olfactory barrier


It moves the animal safely


Cubic Gel / Ready to Use



Never More Disgusting Dogs and Cats have been designed to stop or alter the bad habits of your pet both in the home and outside (eg sleeping on rugs, couches, blankets, furniture or station / play in particular areas of the house or garden ).


How to use

Interior: Spray the product from a distance of 30 - 40 cm from the object to be protected. Repeat treatment once a day and until the disappearance of bad habit.

Outdoors: Sprinkle the product from a distance of about 30-40 cm on planters, grass carpets, bushes, sidewalks, corner corners, gates, etc. It is advisable to remove any excrement before spraying the product to increase the persistence. In periods of increased presence of animals, spraying the product every day, then on alternate days.



Ready use flask 1L
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OTTIMO... Era quello che cercavo... GRAZIE ancora :)