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Milk replacer for foals up to 6 months
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Baby Milk

Milk replacer for foals up to 6 months

  • Highly palatable
  • Fast and optimal growth of the foal
  • Facilitated weaning and strengthening of the immune system

BABY MILK is a maternal milk substitute recommended for orphan foals; it is also used in cases when mares do not produce a sufficient quantity of milk. Baby Milk formula, by high quality of raw materials that guarantee the supply of components and balanced nutrients and highly digestible proteins.

Dried milk serum and Delactosed dried milk serum, Vitamins – amino acids, Dried whey milk, lactose-free dried whey milk, Lactalbumin, Sodium caseinate, Greased milk serum (palm – coconut), Pea protein concentrated, Dextrose, Wheat flour. Raw Protein 22%.

Complete composition: see label.

Feeding Instructions:
Dissolve the feed in water at a temperature of 40 degrees until obtaining a smooth solution; serve to foals at 37ºC. Mix 110/120 g per 1.5 litres water and administer in an amount of 0.5-2 litres per meal to foals according to weight (the daily dose of milk powder to be reconstituted equates to 2-3% of the foal’s weight).

For more info: see technical sheet.