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Powder supplement rich of amino acids.

Available formats: 500g - 1.5Kg - 3Kg - 5Kg
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Amino Top

Powder supplement rich of amino acids

  • It promotes the growth of the muscle mass
  • It reduces the reactions of fatigue
  • It provides the essential amino acids to support the protein turnover
  • It increase the biologic ration value

AMINOTOP provides the athletic horse essential amino acids to support the functionality of the muscle apparatus subjected to a rapid protein turnover; it is also very useful for the growing foal because it promotes the obtaining of a toned and efficient musculature, producing the essential amino acids during the most delicate and important phases of growth.

Rich of Amino acids in high concentration: Leucine 80.000 mg, Glutamic acid 70.000 mg, Aspartic acid 50.000 mg, Alanine 33.000 mg, Glycine 20.000 mg, Tryptophan 30.000 mg, Methionine 30.000 mg, Lysine 60.000 mg, Isoleucine 70.000 mg, L-Carnitine 24.000 mg (+) VITAMINS B GROUP.

Complete composition: see label.

1 Scoop = 15 g.
Weaned foals: 15 g per day.
Training: 30 g per day.
Pre-race: 60 g per day for 7 days before the race.
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