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ECDI is a supplementary feed for enriched horses of officinal herbs important for muscle anabolism, such as dry extract of suma and tribulus terrestris.
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ECDI Sterone



ECDI is a supplementary feed for enriched horses of officinal herbs important for muscle anabolism, such as dry extract of suma and tribulus terrestris.

Suma is an equatorial plant containing a high amount of vegetable hormone (ecdysterone) that can increase muscle mass. Its action is enhanced by other officinal herbs, such as tribulus terrestris, eleuterococco and ginseng, from "adaptogenic" and "antiphatic" properties. A balanced amino acid and vitamin composition completes this product, ensuring constant energy production and helping to reduce fatigue processes. Exits comes in powder form, available in 1 kg cans with a comfortable measuring cup.


Ecus contains: Suma: It is considered a very versatile plant whose main functions are as follows:

adaptogenic-anabolic: suma is able to increase protein synthesis and thus improve physical performance. Responsible for this effect are some active phytonutrient constituents of the plant such as β-ecdysterone, a plant hormone that can increase muscle mass.
Immunostimulant and Anti-inflammatory Tribulus Terrestris: tribulus terrestris fruits contain alkaloids, resins, tannins, sterols, essential oils, saponins, which contribute to the ability of this drug to increase luteinizing hormone levels (LH) and therefore production of testosterone from DHEA and androstenedione. Tribulus terrestris therefore acts as a natural hormone by increasing muscle mass. The alcoholic fruit extract also shows
is lysis of urethral calculations and is responsible for moderate diuretic and depurative drug action.

Eleuterococco: It is a plant with anti-aging effect. It contains numerous etherosides and acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system and endocrine glands. Increasing body resistance is constant and sustained over time even after the suspension of treatment.

Ginseng: It is a plant called adaptogenic, that is, it can bring the body better to counteract stress and fatigue factors and thus be able to adapt to extraordinary load conditions. Ginseng increases the cardiac contraction force and decreases its frequency. It also has a positive influence on the central nervous system. It improves aerobic work efficiency, reducing lactic acid production, increasing oxygen consumption and respiratory function.


Vitamin C: is essential for its antioxidant action, for protection and muscle tone. It is also very important for stress and fatigue resistance.


Ramificated Amino Acids: They are considered powerful anabolic (increase muscle mass) and corroborating.



Destroyed, blend of herbs (suma, tribulus terrestris, eleuterococco, ginseng), yeast from saccaromices cerevisiae, aromas, sodium propionate.



It is advised to administer gr 50-70 g per day for 20/40 days, for reference horsepower of 500 kg weight, mixed with feed.




Vitamin C 5,000 mg
L-Isoleucine 80,000 mg
L-Leucine 132,000 mg
L-Valine 80,000 mg