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Officinalis Shampoo alla Calendula per cavalli 500ml
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Rich and cleansing, with a hygienic, soft and sweet action, it delivers glossy and brilliant hair.
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Shampoo Camomille


Horses with gray mantle


Rich and cleansing, with a hygienic, soft and gentle action, it lends gloss and brilliance to the hair. Camomile-based WATER-BASED SHAMPOO rich in bisabolol active natural ingredient that has a soft and protective action on horse skin.
It has a whitening and natural whitening effect.


Wet the horse, wait 3-4 minutes for the water to shake and put a shampoo nut on the mane, on the shoulder, on the back, on the knees and on the tail.
Massage well and wait 3 - 4 minutes to penetrate the essential oils in the skin and then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.


Officinal Plants

The Camomile (Matricaria Recutita)
We grow chamomile in order to produce fresh flower extract. The flower is harvested in the morning. Try to make a herbal tea with freshly picked chamomile flowers. The strong and sweet perfume, the bright yellow color, contains the strength and energy of the sun and the earth.
For outdoor use, chamomile extracts have shown strong anti-inflammatory and cicatrizating action. The extracts have a relaxing, relaxing, repopulating effect.