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Officinalis Shampoo alla Calendula per cavalli 500ml
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Detangler for tail and mane with pink and Echinacea officinal water.

Available sizes: 500ml - 1L
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Spray Rose Shine 


Detangler and polishing with Rosa's essential oil


With the delicacy and scent of rose petals, ROSE SHINE has a radiant and shining effect on tail and mane.
It can be used on both clean and washed (ideal) and not. It has no buildup effect and can be used frequently while keeping the mane and tail soft and shiny.
It is advisable to comb the hairs in a gentle way by first spraying ROSE SHINE uniformly, waiting for 2-3 minutes and then combing. The OFFICIAL WATER of rose petals gives a gentle and delicate scent pleasant to the horse, the doll and the rider.


Officinal Plants



Getting closer to a rose and feeling its perfume is always a wonderful feeling.
Rose's fragrance in essential oil has harmonizing, relaxing effect, balancing excesses and bringing joy.
The horses are gloomy with rose buds and they love their perfume.
Essential rose oil has healing, antiseptic, toning and relaxing effect.
Combined with the extracts of Echinacea, it enhances its disinfectant and cleansing effect.
Rosewater is renowned for toning and cleansing the skin.