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Officinalis Arnica Gel
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The Cretata Relaxing Flax Pasta favors sinuvial liquid re-absorption processes that can be formed after work.
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Crete Relax


Pure Crete


In working horses the nodules, tendons, knees are subjected to considerable stress and fatigue.

Applying CRETATA floristic paste is a good practice as it favors sinuvial liquid re-absorption processes that may occur after work. Applying relaxed cretins for a few days after intense work periods make beneficial substances absorbed at the skin.

It contains extracts of Calendula and orange.


Apply the product carefully by massaging to absorb the product.

If used as a wrinkle after workout or competition, let it dry and then remove with a bruschetta.


For hinges, tendons and knees it is recommended before brushing to wet with cold water to facilitate cleaning and toning the part.

If used in the tendon and muscular recovery, bundle and leave to rest for 12 hours.