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Paste product with arnica and seaweeds with a refreshing action

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Flogel Stop

Paste product with arnica and seaweeds with a refreshing action

FLOGEL STOP is a paste product with aluminium silicates, arnica and seaweeds with a relaxing, decongestant, refreshing and anti-phlogistic action.
Aluminium silicates: are mineral clays used to prevent and/or treat tendinitis, bruises and contusions; associated with essential oils and medicinal plants they widen their anti-phlogistic power.
Arnica: medicinal plant with anti-phlogistic and pain-relieving properties.
FLOGEL STOP can be used hot or cold, after an effort, to refresh tone and relax muscles, ligaments and tendons, allowing the functional recovery of the legs of a work-tired horse.
FLOGEL STOP has also an antiseptic action: it destroys pathogens without damaging healthy tissues - and a healing action: thanks to the presence of silicon, aluminium and zinc that promote tissue regeneration and healing. Thanks to a kind of osmotic/adsorbent action, Flogel Stop promotes the resorption of the excess liquid accumulated by the tissues.

Arnica, algae, clay
Complete composition: see label.

Apply to the legs, hot or cold (warming up in a bain-marie) after work, massaging lightly to obtain a layer at least 1 cm thick. Bind and let rest for about 12 hours. Remove the paste by simple washing with water.
Repeat as required.

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