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Inodorina Refresh Bio are the first wipes in pure biodegradable cotton, which deter and neutralize the bad odor molecules of the wet mantle.
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Indorina Refresh

Bio Talc


In odor Refresh Bio are the humidified wipes scented in pure biodegradable cotton. Moisturized and enriched with a soothing, protective, moisturizing and emollienting agent, it respects the natural Ph skin and cleans, deodorizes and gives gloss to the fur of cats, dogs, cats, puppies and small animals.

The Inodorina Refresh Bio wipes are extremely useful in everyday life with our pets: before traveling by car and after a walk or an outing. Inadequate Refresh Bio are especially useful when you come home on rainy days, because they neutralize odor-like molecules on wet hair, leaving the hair clean and scented.

Alcohol-free. Not tested on animals.