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333 Ginseng contains energetic molecules with adaptogenic and stimulating action.
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333 Ginseng



333 Ginseng contains energetic molecules with adaptogenic and stimulating action. In particular, its composition with ginseng (Korean ginseng, Siberian ginseng and Brazilian ginseng), damian and rhodiola rosea makes it particularly suitable in these situations:

Before and during an intense competition or workout, to reduce fatigue, speed up recovery and boost performance;
In case of physical overuse, fatigue, stress conditions;
In case of sexual asthenia.



Eleuterococco or Siberian ginseng: it is a plant with the "anti-strain" effect. It contains numerous etherosides and acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system and endocrine glands. Increasing body resistance is constant and sustained over time even after the suspension of treatment. In addition to the adaptogenic effect, eyelid is recognized as an important immunostimulant activity, increasing the amount of lymphocytes, and cholesterol-lowering.

Korean Ginseng: It is a definable adaptive plant, that is, can bring the body to better combat stress and fatigue factors and hence to adapt to extraordinary load conditions. Ginseng increases the cardiac contraction force and decreases its frequency. It also has a positive influence on the central nervous system. It improves aerobic work efficiency, reducing lactic acid production and increasing oxygen consumption and respiratory function.

Suma or Brazilian Ginseng: It is considered a very versatile plant whose main functions are as follows:

. Adaptogenic Anabolic: Suma is able to increase protein synthesis and thus improve physical performance and increase fatigue resistance.

. Immunostimulant: As an immunostimulant it is able to treat psycho-physical fatigue.

. Anti-inflammatory.

Its properties are due to the high concentration of amino acids (about 19), electrolytes, minerals, iron, zinc magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K and ac. Pantothenic.

Damiana: It has a general-stimulating tonic-action, effective in situations of super-physical work, fatigue and stress conditions; to reduce fatigue, recovery and increase performance also has a slight, laxative and euphemic action.

Rhodiola: Rhodiola has been employed by Chinese Traditional Medicine for over 2500 years to increase fatigue and disease resistance and stimulate vitality and vital energy. It has also been shown that Rosavidin, contained in the Rhodiola Rosea root, stimulates the biosynthesis of hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and adenocorticotropic cells that, by activating adenylate glycosylation at the level of adipose cells, stimulate the enzyme thus promoting the release of fatty acids in the blood. The mobilization of the ac. fat from fatty tissue represents an increase in the best substrate for ATP production resulting in improved physical performance and increased fatigue resistance (also due to the ability of Rhodiola Rosea to allow rapid normalization of lactic acid and uric acid levels).

Of great interest, finally, the effective protective activity on the heart from the effects of anxiety and stress.



The recommended dosage for a horse weighing 500 kg is a syringe a day or two hours before the desired effect.



Vitamin B6 250 mg
NN-Dimethylglycine 20,000 mg
L-Carnitine Acetilata 100.000 mg